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Suspension "rumble"

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My '02 EX L with 450 miles has developed a suspension noise or rumble when I go over "washboard" sections of paved roads. I had this noise on a '98 Windstar and it was corrected by replacing the front shocks or struts. I have not been back to the dealer yet but I wondered if any one else has had this problem? I never had this on my '99 EX. Except for this, the '02 is quieter.
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Does anyone know where this rubbing spot is? Where on the spring or strut? If we know where this contact point is, then we can all check our own vehicles to see if we should make a claim.

This nationwide backorder is ridiculous. Motorized door parts are on backorder, now strut assemblies are on backorder. What next? Seems like any common problem that require parts are on backorder. Will the new replacement parts solve the problem? Unless they've redesigned it, my guess is that it'll happen again with the new unit. I think they should supply improved replacement parts as a priority instead of trying to roll out more Odys. Honda should've kept production in Japan.


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