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suspension rumble

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My 02 has an intermitent suspension rumble depending on load and road conditions. It sounds like a vibration/ocillation. Hard to tell if it is front or rear but I tend to think it is coming from the rear. It is so infrequent that I know if I take it in to the dealer I will never be able to duplicate it.

Anyone experiencing this?
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Could it be possible your tires being over pumped? I have noises like hard rubber rumbling against road surface sometimes, I dont think it the suspension. Try on some up and down sloped hills fast, you will see how the shock and coil springs work instant, or try some pot-holes see what happens?
Check previous posts on this forum - this issue has been discussed quite a bit. I have the same concern on my '02 but haven't had it looked at yet. Some who have had it looked at at the dealer say it has something to do with "strut welds" in the front suspension and that Honda is aware of the problem. Good luck.
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