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Suspension Savings? Not so sure.

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Ody has been eating front tires and a rear shock was leaking so to save money I did a DIY shocks and struts...

New struts and rear shocks $135.00
Sway bar ties [email protected]$ 68.00
Shop springs compressed [email protected]$ 40.00
Alignment $107.99

Total: $350.99

Yikes. Did I actually save any money?

It was a fun job, though -- fairly ambitious for my skills, but no major obstacles. My spring compressors wouldn't handle the big Ody springs so I payed the local shop to do that. I tried, but was getting pretty creeped out by the though of a spring letting go. Then found out a friend had a heavy duty hydraulic spring compressor. Oh well -- next time.

I can't tell any handling differences -- let just hope it doesn't eat tires.