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Hi, all,

Haven't been here for a while...mostly because my van
has been running like clockwork.
I have an 04 with 100,000 miles..
trans was replaced at 80k..I replaced plugs at 70k...installed
airlifts at 75 k. My van has an aftermarket transcooler and powersteering cooler..because I tow a boat about 1000 miles per

I am planning to keep this
car until it drops...would like
another 100k out of it, so we
do regular oil changes and trans
fluid. I will need a new timing
belt very soon.

My main question is the suspension which is getting
quite loose lately...I have the
oem shocks still on...what do
I need to replace to tighten this back up? of
my airlifts has recently failed.

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I just finished replacing the struts and shocks on my 00 because it didn't feel tight anymore. It's now back to feeling tight, the ride was always decent with the old ones but the van felt loose. I bought the whole strut assembly so I would have new springs too. They come with all the parts already together so a relatively simple swap. Looking at the old struts they appear in good shape all around. Maybe the strut bearing at the top was wearing out. I would think the minimum to replace is the bearing and strut itself. The whole assembly was a bit over $200 so not much more than a strut and some of the pieces.
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