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Tach Error

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I recently picked up my Ody and after the break in period took a little business trip to San Diego to further break it in and check on wind noise etc. at higher speeds. While I am going to experiment with turning the cross bars around as suggested by Mario to see if that gets rid of the howling from them, the other detail I noticed was that at
a steady 70mph the tach read 2k rpm and at 80 it read 2300rpm. This seems awfully low since in my Acura integra the tach reads about 1k for each 20mph eg: 3k at 60mph and 4k at 8omph.
Do they have a really tall gear in the Ody or is my tach off or is there an explanation that anyone has for this.
Thanks, Deano
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No this is normal. Mine does this too. It's because of the VTEC in the engine. It says in the brochure that the Odyssey produces 210 hp with over 90% of its torque available as low as 2000rpm, great for moving off line or for towing up to 3500 lbs.

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