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Tailgate Mystery NEED YOU PEEPS *SOLVED (Latch Issue)*

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Good afternoon,

I am having a bizarre issue with my tailgate.

1. It will not open automatically AT ALL unless:
2. It will only open automatically ONCE AND ONLY ONCE if the battery is disconnected and reconnected. At which point it will go back to problem #1.
3. The tailgate close door button (on bottom of tailgate) has power and lights up but won’t close the tailgate.
4. The front drivers side button to operate the tailgate will neither open nor close the tailgate regardless of a battery disconnect.

The handle and key fob both work to open it automatically the one time after a battery disconnect.

Any ideas?

Vehicle: 2017 Honda Odyssey EXL W/RES

I have begun to search through the 28 pages on the 4th Gen forum section with the word “tailgate” but still can’t find a solution.
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Wait. A 2017. How old is the battery and have you gotten a comprehensive battery test done? On the prior gen, the power tailgate starts to act finicky before a myriad of other symptoms show up on my friend's 2007 Touring.

If the battery is old or weak, I would either full charge the battery first and rule out low battery/power issue(s).
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