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As an Englishman living in CA, and owner of a 2002 Odyssey, here is my opinion:

If you're being sent to England for 2 years or less, I would advise keeping the Odyssey in the U.S. and have somebody run it for you (don't put it in storage). Buy a used minivan (or MPV as they're referred to in Britain) while in the UK. You'd be amazed at the variety of MPVs available in Europe, and you can get MPVs that are almost as big as the Odyssey. Don't underestimate the hassle of driving on the wrong side of the road, and the cost of maintaining your vehicle via Fedex. What if the transmission goes? Major delays and expense in getting something like that fixed. Even once you bring it back to the U.S. you will get no assistance from Honda if a major vehicle component breaks.

If you buy used and pick the right MPV the total cost of ownership for a two year period will be less than the shipping and maintenance cost of your Odyssey. You don't pay sales tax (VAT) on used cars in the UK.

If you're going for more than 2 years - sell your Odyssey. Think what you will be able to buy when you return!

My 2c.

2002 Granite Green EX-L
Splash Guards, Cargo Tray, Weathertech Mats
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