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I was looking to replace my stock alloy wheels that were starting to get somewhat corroded with newer take off wheels.

Luck would have it, I found a set of 2020 Honda Ridgeline take off wheels for $500. It turns out that this gentleman had a lot of Honda Ridgeline and they apparently only come with one set of stock wheels. They weren't the wheels that he wanted so the gentleman paid $1,600 for four new wheels on a $40,000 truck. Now why you would decide to buy stock wheels as soon as you bought the truck is beyond me. When I went to pick them up only 30 minutes from my workplace, I was surprised to see that they were in boxes. the seller knew it would be a difficult sell as the only vehicles that those wheel's bolt pattern fit is an Acura MDX, a Honda Ridgeline, a Honda Odyssey and the Honda Pilot. I offered the guy $400 and he gladly accepted. So I began to research.

My stock size was 7Jx16 ET50 with a 235/65R16. The largest stock size was 8Jx19 ET50 245/50R19.
The 2020 Honda Ridgeline comes with 8Jx18 ET55. I said to myself, certainly 10 mm of offset cannot make that much of a difference. So I made an offer of $400 to the post that had been made 23 hours previous. The owner jumped right on it. I coupled the new rims with a 235/55R18 Crosswind tires from Walmart (69.99, about $300 with tax). It was only a 1/4in. larger in diameter.

I took the wheels and tires down to the local tire shop and had them put them on with my fingers crossed. they did fit however they had to install new lug nuts. they charge me around $100 to install the tires and for the lug nuts.

In all it cost me:
$400 Wheels
$300 Tires
$100 Install

In my opinion $800 for a newer flasher set of rims isn't too bad at all. I live in the Northeast so it's my intention to put winter tires on the old rims.

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