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Taking off the dash and wiring problems

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Hey there. I am trying to install a Scanner myself and I need some help. The scanner requires a constant positive and negative charge, and one for grounding. I am installing at the front of the dash, where can I find the wires with the required power ?

What is grouding ? What do I have to do to groud the wire ?

Also, I want the scanner to look good and so I need to hide all the wires. Can anyone give me directions to take off the dash so that I can hide the wires ?

Lastly, is it possible to add a switch to the 12V plug so that I can control the on and off of the plug no matter if the engine is on or not ?
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I ran into a problem with my ODY Grounding System, it was quite seriouse one, but I do not want to post it until I recieve a report from the dealer on the basic cause of what had happened. Anyway, there are at least 4 grounding points right under the dashboard which you can connect your Scanner G wire with. Other questions, I do not have an answer for. However, I would suggest you consult the dealer before you proceede with installations, see if this will affect your waranty or not.

Good Luck.
Yes you can add a switch, just make sure it's a 12v switch, doesn't need to be too hevy duty. If your mounting the scanner on the dash, where the panels meet/ pull apart, you can use your round file and make a notch and loop them in there. Kinda hard to explain but send a pic of where you want it and we all can give ideas.

Grounds can be screw'd with self tapers right into the metal with a ring lug, just make sure there is nothing behind it. You can grab the 12v source at the radio if you wish just fuse it. The radio bezel just pull right off. Don't ground it with the factory grounds. Metal bracket, or any painted surface just clean it.
Are you sure you are looking to remove the Dash and not the center panel ?

Removal of the dashboard is detailed in the service manual, it involves:
Removing Dashboard lower cover, steering column !, center lower pocket,both sides heater lower cover, glove box, front door opening trim, kick panel, front pillar trim

And a host of wiring harnesses have to be disconnected as well
lookinco said:

Can anyone give me directions to take off the dash so that I can hide the wires ?

The original "mod-god" can: Nemogira

Seriously, you might want to PM or e-mail him for advice.
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haha..omg...i started this thread almost 2 years ago !!
I noticed that after I clicked.....hehehe, oh well.
lookinco said:
haha..omg...i started this thread almost 2 years ago !!
OMG, I didn't even notice !:p
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