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TCS and ABS lights on after AFT replacement

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TCS and ABS lights on after ATF replacement

I have read through all the messages regarding this issue but so far nothing works.

I try to repplace the transmission fluid 2 weeks ago. The procedure calls for lifting the wheels up and put the car in gear to drain more fluid out from the torque converter. The ABS and TCS and brake lights came on while I did this. It satys on all the time now. I disconnect the battery overnight did not clear the lights. ODB2 scanner can not reset either.

I follow another message trying to rest the lights but did not work. I did get the code I think is a 54, fail safe relay. The relay itself works. I checked all the fuses too. Nothing seems to be wrong but I can make the lights to go away.

Does the light has to be read and reset by dealer?
I appreciate any suggetion.
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Found the problem!!. I did connect the ABS module when replacing the transmission filter. I did not put it back tight enough. Once I reconnected the connector everything worked.
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