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While on a recent trip, my TCS and CEL lights came on (solid, not blinking.) The TCS light went off, but the CEL stayed. I stopped at Autozone and they pulled a P0740 code. I have read up on the subject here but am at a loss as to what I should do. My VIN # falls outside the transmission recall range, so I should have one of the revised transmissions. I have not noticed any problems while driving other than the CEL light that remains on.

There does not seem to be much info (that I can find) regarding problems with post-recall 2004 5AT's. The lights came on about 100 miles after turning over 80K. Is there a chance that this is a service reminder oriented event and not one that warns of an imminant transmission failure? I have not had it to the dealer yet, but unless I've missed something it seems that there will be only one answer to the P0740 code.

I've seen procedures for cleaning clogged screens. Is there a general consensus as to the effectiveness of this on the 5 speeds? Thanks!
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