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Hello everyone,

We just got our 02 ody EX last week. TCS and
Check engine light pop up under normal driving condition on the third day when we
got the van.

We had to bring the 2-day-old ody back to
the dealer, and we had the van back in the
same afternoon. I asked the garage man about
the problem, and here is the answer:

"Well, 2002 is a new vehicle to us, although
we did locate an unusual code from your van
but we don't know what it means exactly, so
we clear the code for you and hope everything
is fine. If you have any more problem just
to bring the van back."

We got our van back.. and same problem
happened again the next day just when we stopped at an intersection. I shut off the
engine and restarted the van just to see
maybe I can "correct" the problem.
WRONG MOVE, when I restarted the engine not
only the "TCS" and "Check Engine" lights but also the "SRS" light was on...

I called the dealer right away and described
what had happened. Now we had a second
appointment on Wed.

Just want to know what could be the problem?
has this happened to anyone? or just us.
I believe our van was "freshly made" from the
plant. It's a WHITE 2002 EX. If anyone need
more info on our van, I will try to post all
the information.

Thank you for the help.


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They read the code for the engine lite being on after the pothole encounter. The code indicated source was "transmission." They couldn't find any problem, and I haven't experienced anything unusual w/ the tranny after the encounter. They turned the lite off and said to keep a watch for recurrence of the lite coming on. They had no reason for the traction control lite coming on. Sort of regarded this as a normal possibilty if a hole is hit. Anyone have this "normal possibilty" happen to them?
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