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TEIN 95-98 ODYSSEY Lowering Springs S-Techs

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Just putting the word out to you new guys,

I have opened up a new DIY Performance Garage in the Dallas, TX area.

I have 3 sets of Tein S-Tech Lowering springs being produced as we speak in Japan. They will be here in the middle-end of September.

If you are interested in buying the only lowering springs available for your car, jump on board now and pre-pay for your set. These are incredibly hard to come by, especially brand new, all the way from Japan. Each set I will sell for $305 including shipping & handling. OR, you can pick them up at my shop for $280 + tax.

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When most people in my area drop their cars 3-4", a 2" drop is pretty mild. LOL.

My odyssey is dropped at least 6", and I still want the back to be a little lower but the rear shock tower is resting ON the wheel so I need to do some cutting :)

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