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New poster. Got quite a bit of info off this forum about my 2004 Ody van; led me to get rid of it (trade) when it began to develop transmission problems. Thought I'd say thanks for the warning (dealer was desperate for business and never checked the old one) and now I'm making payments on a 2010. Mixed blessing; I love the new van (had it a year now) its more comfortable and seems like its built heavier than the old one, but I'm more than a little bit disappointed in the 04. I was really hoping to drive it for 250k.

About my usage of the van: I am a musician and contractor, so for me the van is a great compromise. Plenty of room to haul car-less bandmates, I've slept in the back on solo tours. For work it's big enough to tie a 28' ladder to the roof and it hold all my tools in a safe and secure place. I regularly tow 1500+ lbs in a 4x6 enclosed trailer. This sits in the slipstream of the van and so behaves nicely on the highway. I take it easy on the transmission though, watch my shifts and shift manually when under a load. I heard here that this new transmission is much beefier than the ones in the 04 so I'm hoping for the best with this van. Mileage is great; this was the big deciding factor when weighing this against a larger vehicle (like an e-150 for example). I drive A LOT so I needed a fuel efficient vehicle.

Thanks again Odyclub.
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