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The Candyman can!!

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During my morning boring drive in today I happened to glance over to the interstate lanes going the opposite direction and spied a tractor-trailer loaded with vehicles...

You guessed it! It was loaded plumb full of MB, GG, SS, GG & TW Odys! I felt like I was watching a truck loaded down with gum-drops...they were all shiny and still had pieces of 'shrink wrap' over various sections.

The glimpse was over all too soon but thats how you know your obsessed when a trailer full of vans makes your morning.
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Too bad you didn't have a camera and a longer amount of time to view. That would've made for a very cool picture.

Speaking of being obsessed, has anyone else seen a couple of Odys parked or traveling together? On a recent road trip, I had an Ody in front of me to the right and another 1 car behind me.

I thought it was pretty cool.
I went to the National Zoo today with my family and while searching for a parking spot I spied one between a SS Ody and a Deep Velvet Blue Ody (same as mine). It was as if the spot was reserved for us. Too shweet

99 EX Deep Velvet Blue; Fog Lights; Air Deflector; Splash Guards; Cargo Tray; Cargo Mat
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I went to a soccer game with both my daughters and we parked next to an identical Odyssey (emerald green, 99 EX). When the game was over and we walked back, there they were... "3 green Odysseys", side by side, facing the same direction. It was amusing to see the faces of the kids from the other vans, not really knowing which one was theirs...not until the parents tried their remotes and figured it out. If I only had a camera at the time
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One morning I saw a truck load of Hondas (a couple of Civics, Accords, and 1 MB Odyssey) I was in "AWH" for a minute - don't know why? I couldn't imagine how I would react if I saw a truck load of Odysseys!
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Actually at our day care it's pretty funny to see all the Odys there.

I have seen there at one time:

99 GG LX
00 TW EX (ours)
01 SS LX.
One Sunday morning at church I parked my Civic across from 3! SS 01 EX's, 1 silver '00, and 2 GG 01's, all in the same row. Can hardly wait to park my MB '01 EX there in about 10 days!
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