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Everyone takes shortcuts now and again. It’s worthwhile to at least reference the kinds of things people should keep in mind when working on their vehicles.

This is all about safety.

The DIY code of conduct – live by it, grow by it.

1. In the context of this code of conduct, I fully understand that a DIY task refers to a do it yourself task that involves making a change of any kind to the working function of my vehicle.

2. Before I undertake any DIY task, I will be absolutely certain that I have all the required information beforehand; that I have read that info, twice, and twice more; that not only do I fully understand all aspects of said info, but I have it practically memorized.

3. My primary motivation for undertaking a DIY task is not to save money. That is a mere, yet welcomed, incidental; that my primary motivation is the pursuit of happiness in effecting something that approaches perfection. I am an artist working on my greatest masterpiece.

4. The longer I take to complete a DIY task, the greater my level of happiness.

5. I will consider all numbers associated with a DIY task as gospel; in particular, I will insure that all torque specifications are faithfully followed to the best of my ability, and I will triple check each and every torque measurement before calling my DIY task complete.

6. At the end of every day when using my torque wrench, I will set it to its lowest designed setting to prolong its calibration.

7. If there is any doubt as to the accuracy of my torque wrench, I will not continue with my DIY task until all doubts are resolved; that I will follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for the proper maintenance of my torque wrench, no exceptions.

8. I will be both meticulous and deliberate whenever I intend to use a vehicle jack; that anytime I do so, I will use jack stands and wheel chokes if at all practical and know exactly how and where to use these tools.

9. Anytime I place my vehicle on jack stands, before continuing with my DIY task, I will do my best, under my own strength, to safely try and push the vehicle off the jack stands, the intent being to build confidence that I have properly supported something that could otherwise severely injure me, if not worse.

10. I will memorize the required torque for the lug nuts of my vehicle; that whenever any lug nut is loosened, for any reason, not only will I triple check the torque measurement upon retightening the lug nut, but, from that point, I will do so again when the vehicle has been driven for 60 miles, to verify that the lug nut’s set torque has remained static, and if not I will repeat the process.

11. I will never cut corners in an effort to either save money or time; that any changes made to my vehicle will be done so with the use of reputable parts from a reputable source, no matter how long it takes to acquire those parts.

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Most people here know that when they DIY, they do it at their own risks.

However, I agree with you that SAFETY is #1 item. Therefore, you will notice that whenever I write any DIY, when it comes to safety, I always overkill. Example:

- When jacking up the car, place JACKSTAND under subframe, then place the wheel below the chassis as the "last line of defense". This is because JACKSTAND rarely collapses, but when it does, you are basically dead if you are underneath the car working on something!

You cannot bench-press even the lightest car such as Ford Focus, let alone the Ody!

- You will notice that when I wrote the Brake DIY, I always stress the fact upon completion of the brake pad change, one MUST press on the brake pedal (engine off) a few times until the pads are seated. There are tons of people out there (amateurs) replaced brake pads, forgot this important step, drove the car on the street to be greeted with surprise with no brake effect at all for the first few brake applications!!!
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