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The "Magic Seat" ??

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Well, I'm back in the pickle barrel again. If somehow the Magic Seat gets dropped into the well without the pull strap visible after the drop, just how in the billy-hell do you get the blasted thing up and out of the well again! We've tried just pulling up on the plastic finger handle: no dice. We've tried heaving from both sides of the seat back: no dice. It comes up a little, then hangs up on something. It seems the actual seatback at the bottom of the package is catching on something. What?

I mean, guys, two new transmissions, a second car, and now back 20 miles to a dealer to pull up a seat? I'm beginning to feel like a total idiot. Am I?
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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by MerpsMom:
He growled at me that I should never allow the strap to get underneath, </font>
Strange. I have NEVER left the strap out when put the seat in a well (I don't remember the manual to say this). NEVER had a problem pulling the seat out by just a handle.
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