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The "Magic Seat" ??

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Well, I'm back in the pickle barrel again. If somehow the Magic Seat gets dropped into the well without the pull strap visible after the drop, just how in the billy-hell do you get the blasted thing up and out of the well again! We've tried just pulling up on the plastic finger handle: no dice. We've tried heaving from both sides of the seat back: no dice. It comes up a little, then hangs up on something. It seems the actual seatback at the bottom of the package is catching on something. What?

I mean, guys, two new transmissions, a second car, and now back 20 miles to a dealer to pull up a seat? I'm beginning to feel like a total idiot. Am I?
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Just an additional comment on how to get the seat out.

Make sure you shove the seat down further into the cargo well HARD.

You need enough force to get the top and bottom half to latch together.

With the top and bottom latched correctly, you won't need the strap to pull it out.

p.s. johnkalajian's (Senior Member) message in a different thread gave me the info I needed to solve the stuck magic seat.
Thank God for this forum!
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