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After doing my motor mounts i've compiled a list of Car Repair Facts: (feel free to add yours)

1) The tool you need is Always where you aren't.
2) Doing 3 mounts on a Honda Odyssey only requires a 14mm wrench and 80% of my profanity vocabulary.
3) Mini-vans are more easily assembled in a plant in Japan than disassembled in my driveway.
4) P90X new program: Motor Mount Replacement.
5) It's probably cross threaded - and I don't care.
6) You CAN do the rear mount from the top of the engine - but don't.
7) After market parts fit...almost.
8) An angle grinder makes aftermarket parts fit...kind of.
9) Erwin Bolt-Grips are the best tools ever made.
10) Leverage works better than muscle.
11) You need a bigger breaker bar - nope, bigger still...
12) Mechanics are paid $80/hr for a reason.
13) Exhaust brackets are stratigically placed so that you can't get to intrigal bolts.
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