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ThermoQuiet Brake Pads

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Just an FYI, I put these on both the front and rears last week and they have been fantastic on my 04. At first I was wondering why the manufacturer wouldn't include shims and then realized that the shims are part of the makeup of the outer pad itself (hence the pad being ThermoQuiet, duh).

Because I've had issues with the infamous squeak or "clunk" issue from TSB 04-019 I thought it might be interesting to try an experiment. Even thought you're not supposed to put shims on these pads, I went ahead and did so. I figured it would be easier to take them off if it went bad rather than storing them in case I might need them later. I just used the old shims. However, for the rears I only used two shims instead of the 4 shims recommended by the TSB. So far it has been great and I've been squeak/clunk free!

If it goes bad, I'll report back but so far I give thumbs up to the ThermoQuiets!
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