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Thief Mistakenly Carjacks Kids, Then Drives Them Home

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Can a thief also be a good Samaritan? A Queens carjacker got more then he bargained for when he stole an idling car on Tuesday—he discovered two young kids and a poodle in the van. And after being inundated with cuteness, and scolded by the kids for trying to steal their change, he decided to drop them—and the car—off at their home.

Sebastian Russo, father of 7-year-old John and 5-year-old Robert who were in the car, gave the Post a rundown of the incident. He said he had left the 2010 Honda Odyssey outside a store on Cross Bay Boulevard to get a leash for Colette, the poodle, when the thief swooped in. The dog refused to leave the front seat and yapped furiously. Then the thief had to face an even worse impediment: the precociousness of the kids. "When he drove away, my older son told him, 'Do you know you're in the wrong car?' " Russo said.

At one point, the thief "went for the change tray, and my son said, 'Don't take our money!' The guy said, 'I'm only looking for dollars.' " But there weren't any, and "he left the change alone," Russo said. As Russo was frantically calling police to start searching for the kids, his wife called to tell him that they, and the car, had been dropped off safe and sound at home.

Back in April, a similar incident happened when a thief spotted an idling SUV in Queens and sped off until he realized there was a nine-year-old in the backseat. As for Russo and his wife, they are now thankful to the carjacker: "How mad can we be at him? He returned the car. He told my son, 'If you weren't in the car, I would have taken it,' " he said.

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I'm not sure if the article intended to be amusing, but Odyssey owners and parents, do not be tools as that father and never leave your kids in the car unattended (running or not), it does not matter where you are and if it's for a "few minutes". I know is painful to unbuckle, buckle, etc. but hell, deal with it.

In my state is illegal, I hope it is made illegal everywhere else.

The father thought it was funny, he might've been lucky, but what a tool

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The Odyssey bashers will be here in a minute to tell us this guy didn't return the van because of the cute kids or the yappy dog, he gave it back because:
  • poor tranny construction
  • bad gas mileage
  • dvpatel scolded him when he posted in the wrong section about how to hotwire an Ody!
  • krispy kreme was right, this POS really doesn't compare to the last Sienna he stole
  • he was in fear of the ever-popular exploding sunroof feature
  • the Ody he jacked had PAX!

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PSU, you missed the new concern about cracked windshields in the Oddy. Someone passed on the ody and one of the reasons was too many cracked windshields though their biggest complaint was stealers unwilling to deal on the Oddy. :)

I'd walk if they don't deal so I don't blame 'em for the walking.
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