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I bought a class III trailer hitch from for $99.95 +($23) to ship. I paid 10 bucks more for the round type (looks much better).
What a ease it was to install. Took all of 20min. All you have to do is to remove the rubber tail pipe mount, screw the thing up, and reinstall the rubber mount.
The wiring, on the other hand took some effort. I was able to pop the rear panel just enough to reach the (blue taped) connector. then fed the flat wire thru the rear tail light gromet to plug it in. Putting the gromet back in place. I was also able to sneek the trailer end down and into the plastic bumper where I fished it out for strain relief. The converter is taped just below the tail light assy. I usually build my own converter circuit but opted to get one for $25 because I wanted the mating connector. DONE!!
I just use it to pull my small trailer around but want to look into installing the xmission cooler.
anyone do this yet? Should I get the small one from Honda or a larger aftermarket one?
Any thoughts on this?

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Yep. I installed one just before Thanksgiving. 5000 miles and zero problems. I have roughly $42 invested in the completed project. I still haven't had time to finish the "how-to" article for the Tech section yet.

Pic of cooler location. Note the powersteering cooler below it:

Routing of the hoses. Nothing rubs:

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