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Thinking of using the MirrorTap to hardwire V1, has anyone used it?

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MirrorTap, 1000/2000 Series, Radar Detector, Power Cord With Inline Fuse. -- J28 Design Inc. Online Store

Looks great but I have never tried this before. We have an exposed harness on the back of the mirror (EX-L w/ dimming mirror) with three wires going into it. I thought the colors were green, white and something else. This would be a great alternative from hardwiring the V1 hardwire kit in the fuse area and then having to run the telephone cord to the mirror.

I have a previous modded V1 visor mount that I attached a zip corvette bolt to so it can screw into the existing screw hole that is holding the bottom part of the mirror assembly that is attached to the windshield. We had this in our 350Z and it was awesome.

I searched for mirrortap on here but got no hits.