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Hello all

I have a 2001 Odyssey with 119k on the clock. I am considering a 3rd party warranty, and in my extensive research came across a company called "Direct Buy Warranty" ( ) that appear to be well rated (from what I can see) and are offering 3 yr/+60k for $1,471 and 5 yr/+130k for $2023. I was looking through their contract, and came across this in their exclusion section:

"J. When the responsibility for a repair is covered by an insurance policy or a repairer's guarantee/warranty, or any warranty from the manufacturer, or if the manufacturer has announced its responsibility by any means, including but not limited to, public recalls, factory service bulletins, or programming of modules; even if the manufacturer no longer honors their own warranty will result in a claim denial."

The biggest reason I want a warranty is to know that my tranny (I am on 2nd one - current one has done about 45k miles) is covered. However, does the way the above exclusion clause is worded mean that they could easily not cover a tranny replacement, given the tranny has a known design fault? I could, of course, always call them and ask, but don't want to pre-empt saying anything if they would in any case. So, just thought I'd put this to you good folk first to see if you had any thoughts/opinions? Also, another point - in this other exclusion clause, they specifically name what is not covered:

"B. DBW is not responsible for any breakdown caused by misuse, abuse, negligence, gradual reduction, wear and tear components, not meeting manufacturer specifications, lack of normal maintenance scheduled for your vehicle. For example, some Vehicle manufacturers require the oil and filter to be replaced at specific intervals. DBW reserves to the right to request maintenance records at any time. Maintenance must have been performed by a ASE licensed mechanic"

I bought the car 6 years ago from a honda dealer with no service history prior to 43k miles. I have also done some of my own oil changes, but have not kept receipts for every single oil purchase. I have, however, dilligently kept a record of my full service history of what was done when, and have kept up to date on sheduled maintenance, so I know the miles the changes were done at and when other scheduled changes happened (with their receipts intact - again, after 45k miles) . However, should anything happen to the engine that would call oil changes or full service history into question, does this leave an easy "get out" clause for DBW to exercise and deny any such claim?

If anyone has had first-hand experience with DBW, I'd especially be interested in any feedback from them.

Thanks in advance for any comments/opinions!
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