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The continuing day-to-day events of my 1998 Accord (almost 178,000 miles) that I bought used. I'm the second owner.

First, I've got to get new tires. "2304" code means these Michelin Symmetrys were manufactured in late May, 2004. The original owner only changed the tires once, as far as we could tell. They still have plenty of tread!

Now, the battery. Last year, soon after purchasing the car, I left the dome light on and killed it. Cold, dead, killed it. Charged it back up, and it seemed to work fine through last year.

When I removed it today, I saw code "K-2" and "11-2" on little stickers tagged onto the sides of this Bosch group 35 battery. That's November, 2002 for date of manufacture. This car battery was almost 8-1/2 years old when I removed it from service. Starts were not as quick as I would expect with a newer battery, so I changed it. It might have lived an even longer life had I not drained it to a flat zero last year.

It looked old. I had no idea it really was so freaking old.

We're on our second batteries on both our 2002 and 2003 Odys, and they aren't new. I think 5 years on a battery is actually considered decent service these days, compared to the way it used to be.

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