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Throttle Position Sensor

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I have a Honda Lagreat which is a Japanese version of the Odyssey. It is a model called the Exclusive and has a 3.5VTEC petrol engine. A family friend had it shipped brand new here to the UK and registered in 2003.
I have a problem with my throttle position sensor, and have been told to replace the throttle body including the sensor. In England that cost's £1000!!! Please could anyone tell me where in USA I could get an Odyssey throttle body as I have been told that they are the same part as my car was originally built in Canada.
Any help would be massively appreciated.
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Bernardi parts is usually the best online prices for Honda parts. Don't know how much shipping will be but the throttle body is only $311 USD.

To be sure of the part search by VIN.
Thanks for your reply Greg. I have emialed Bernardi Parts as my VIN number was'nt recognised. Hopefully they can help me further.
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