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Thumping noise behind dash driver side

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About 2 months after buying our 2009 van we started noticing a thumping noise coming from behind the dash on the driver side. It seems to start to happen when it is over 60 degrees or hotter. It is felt on in the gas pedal and brake pedal, while the van is parked, diving at all speeds, or waiting at a light. It is always 2 thumps in a row and happens either when everything in the van is off (radio, climate control, etc) or things are on. It sounds like a vent closing behind the dash. And it is loud enough for the passenger to hear it even with radio on. It disappears after about 20 minutes sometimes, or it just happens 6 or 7 times then goes away. Taken it to service and of course they "have no idea what it could be, need to bring it back in when the noise is occurring". Look up on the internet without luck. This is VERY ANNOYING!! :nothappy: Especially driving it long distances having to listen to this thumping noise. Brand new van...Payed good money for this van and I am very disappointed. Anyone else ever have this problem?? Any help would be very very appreciated!!!

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Read in the manual on how the auto climate control works. I think system senses the current temp and desired temp to make adjustments via vent door motors and recirculation door motors. I think the system is just doing it's job. Can you choose a manual mode to check this possibility?
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