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"Thunk" noise from front end when accelerating

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2001 Odyssey EX. When accelerating and/or turning from a standstill, a "thunk" noise comes from somewhere in the front like someone was hitting the underside of the car with a rubber mallet. The dealer readjusted/tightened things a couple of times, the noise woud abide for a few days and return. Finally, the whole front sub-assembly was replaced. The noise may be temperature sensitive since it started in May and seemed to stop with the new sub-assembly in Oct though I heard it again in Nov when the temp got up over 70. Anybody else experience this weird problem? Honda cannot figure out what exactly is causing the noise.
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Except for the location you say the sound comes from, what you describe sounds like the "gas sloshing noise" that has been discussed several times. The thunk from the gas tank would only happen when accelerating from a stop (like you describe), and does sound to me like a rubber mallet. Could the sound possibly be coming from the rear, but you are perceiving it to come from the front end?

Watch the fuel level when you hear the thunk, as the gas sloshing noise occurs when the tank is at or near full.

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