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Timing belt in northern nj

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I am fairly handy, but I am not about to try chaning the timing belt. Plus I don't have the right tools.

Given that, does anyone have a recommendation of where to bring my Ody to change to Timing belt, water pump and so on. What price range are we looking at.

Thank you,
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I just had mine done at Paul Miller Honda in West Caldwell. There is a Garden State Honda coupon they will also honor for the full job to be done for $500. Go to the service deals area of the American Honda page for that.

I would add the caveat that just after I had that work done there my CEL came on and I required an additional job to replace an O2 sensor. They also cocked up my alignment (when replacing tie rods) which was finally fixed by Mike (below for additional fee). I'm not saying the events are linked (the O2 bit), but damn odd I would need that work so soon after the other.

I'm in Montclair and would have had my own mechanic do the job, but he was time pressed and did not have a slot open. Wife had a weekend trip to Philly planned and I needed the van.

See Mike at MAC Auto if you are near me. 973-746-9331 - He'll do it cheaper and better. For example, Paul Miller found 2 motor mounts broken. I had Mike do that and he found the third (main rear) one also broken. He showed me after. He replaced all three for what PM would have charged for two. Used original Honda parts also.

Good luck,

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