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Timing Belt

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Just curious, I have a hondacare warranty to 105,000 miles on my odyssey. If the timing belt failed prior to 105,000 miles, would the replacement and all other damage be covered by the warranty? The change interval is 105,000 miles for a timing belt or 7 years.
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In reading the exceptions, as long as it isn't part of maintenance, if it fails you should be covered.

"What is not covered by Honda/Acura Care:
Parts other than genuine HONDA or AMERICAN HONDA authorized parts; wiper blades, battery (except for the nickel-metal hydride battery in hybrid vehicles); cables; belts; hoses; timing belt replacement when performed as routine maintenance: exhaust system, catalytic converter; brake system wear items such as drums/rotors, shoes/pads; clutch disc, pressure plate; throw out bearing, external shift linkages; glass, mirror glass, body parts; body structure, panels; bright metal; sheet metal; paint; bumpers; moldings; lenses; bulbs (except for dashboard bulbs); sealed beams; fuses; weather-strips (except for window run channels); outside ornamentation; wheel covers/ornaments; rims: studs; fastening/securing hardware; body seals; squeaks, rattles; buttons; carpet; dash pad; window handles; knobs; rearview mirror; trim; upholstery; electronic/audio accessories and cellular telephones other than AMERICAN HONDA AUTHORIZED ELECTRONIC/AUDIO ACCESSORIES; tires; seat belts; airbag(s), and the Safety Restraint System (except for the SRS control unit and cable reel.) "

Source: Honda Care Parts that are Covered
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