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In reading the exceptions, as long as it isn't part of maintenance, if it fails you should be covered.

"What is not covered by Honda/Acura Care:
Parts other than genuine HONDA or AMERICAN HONDA authorized parts; wiper blades, battery (except for the nickel-metal hydride battery in hybrid vehicles); cables; belts; hoses; timing belt replacement when performed as routine maintenance: exhaust system, catalytic converter; brake system wear items such as drums/rotors, shoes/pads; clutch disc, pressure plate; throw out bearing, external shift linkages; glass, mirror glass, body parts; body structure, panels; bright metal; sheet metal; paint; bumpers; moldings; lenses; bulbs (except for dashboard bulbs); sealed beams; fuses; weather-strips (except for window run channels); outside ornamentation; wheel covers/ornaments; rims: studs; fastening/securing hardware; body seals; squeaks, rattles; buttons; carpet; dash pad; window handles; knobs; rearview mirror; trim; upholstery; electronic/audio accessories and cellular telephones other than AMERICAN HONDA AUTHORIZED ELECTRONIC/AUDIO ACCESSORIES; tires; seat belts; airbag(s), and the Safety Restraint System (except for the SRS control unit and cable reel.) "

Source: Honda Care Parts that are Covered
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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