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Tire going flat

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I have read on this board that some Odyssey owners are experiencing tires going flat. The right rear tire of my 2001 Odyssey has gone flat twice in the past month. Can someone tell me if they have experienced similar problems and what did they do about it?
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Patch it?

Just kidding. I think you must have a slow leak of some sort and I wouldn't hesitate to bring this to the dealer's attention. Do you have the extended warranty? I think it covers 'road hazard' in there as well. Do you have an LX or EX? OEM tires? Michelin? I would definitely have someone look for the leak. Its dangerous for you to continue driving with a tire that keeps going flat. The hole is just going to get larger and could result in a dangerous situation.
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Have the dealer check for a pourous wheel. Sometimes the casting of the wheel will have minute holes in them which will let the tire leak down slowly. Also, you could have something as simple as a nail or screw in it which only lets a little air out until it works long enough to expand the hole. I have driven tires with screws in them until the head of the screw is worn off and still not be losing much air. Your Schrader valve could be leaking a little as well. The old "spit test" works well for that. Just put a little saliva across the valve opening and watch an see if it blows a bubble. If so, replace the valve core........Good luck.

Jerry O. 2001 GG LX
got a flat on front right side with the crappy Firestones, Firestone claimed road hazard and did nothing to help. Honda would not replace though they no longer use Firestone on 2002. not a happy subject. Honda wouldn't even look at them, said only wheels were covered. We did not see a object in the tire when they fixed it, just a hole. We are very hot, talked to the factory rep and he would not do anything for us but say, sorry!.
I have an Accord and getting a 2002 EXL RRP due in November. I actually heard that the aluminum wheels on Hondas in general have issues with maintaining air pressure. I have to fill the air in my tires several times a year, but I've never had any just go flat. I hope I don't have this problem with my 2002, but I'm kinda anticipating it in a disappointing sort of way.

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