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Hey guys,

I recently sold my '02 Ody, and have my winter treads left over. I went with the optional narrower tires for better grip:

Continental ExtremeWinter Contacts, size 215/65-R16 (a TR top rated winter tire)
TR's Sport Edition F7 16x7" silver alloy wheels (5 spoke pattern)

I purchased them in January, 2010. Ran them Jan-Apr 2010, and Dec '10 to March 2011, for a total of under 7 months and around 8k miles. They measure around 9/32" of tread remaining.

Price new with shipping was $900. Asking $550 for them.

They have the 114 mm bolt hole pattern, so should fit any 1999-2004 Ody.

I'm in the downstate NY area. Local pickup probably makes the most sense.
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