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For 2010 Xmas we(me, wife, 11 and 13 year old) decided to drive down to Orlando for our winter vacation and do the Disneyworld, Universal Studio and Kennedy Space Centre shopping thing. We left on Dec 20th and came got back Dec 30th.

It was a great driving trip and our 2006 Odyssey EX-L w/RES really made the trip.

Going down we took the Buffalo, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia route. Weather was good, road was clear. Smooth driving all the way down. We drove 12 hours and stayed overnight at a hotel in West Virginia then drove the rest of the way.

We drove around on alternate days and went sightseeing/shopping(alot of shopping).

Going home, we took the famous I-75 route via Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan (Detroit). This was due to the snowstorm on the East coast where New York/Pennsylvania got hammered. Again the drive was smooth and excellent all the way.

McDonalds was a favorite stop because of the free Wifi and fast food.

3 pleasant things to point out about driving through the US,

1. speed limits are higher than in Canada most of the drive IE. 70 mph (120km). In Canada top speed is 100km. Every exit had a place to stop/things to see.
2. More to do/see. In Canada, coming home, after we hit the Detroit/Windsor border it was a boring drive back to Toronto and alot of green. Next time we plan on going back through Buffalo if possible, more to see/do.
3. Gas prices were 30-35% cheaper in the US and the Cdn was par basically

Best mileage I got was 25.5 miles per gallon (straight highway). We were semi-loaded but not overloaded.

The RES kept the kids occupied for most of the trip.

I can honestly say it was the best road trip of my middleaged life and the Odyssey was key.

BTW, the Van had 92km and ran smooth with no problems whatsoever. It drove like a dream and was very very comfortable. We are planning New York trip for March now.
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