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Torque Converter Lockup

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I'm trying to figure out if the transmission on my 01 Odyssey EX is behaving normally or not. I noticed that the TC unlocks and then locks up again when I let the speed drop down below 60 mph. It's not something that is very noticeable, but a nudge of the gas pedal causes RPM to jump a couple hundred RPM indicating that the TC is unlocked. It seems like if I stay at 55 to 60 it will then lock up again within a few seconds. It does not seem normal for the TC to unlock just because speed has dropped from say 70 mph to 58. I did not apply the brakes, just let off the accelerator a bit. Has anyone else noticed this, and is it normal?
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Torque converter lock and unlock

Have a 2000 Ody, noticed the other day while traveling with the cruise control on at 58 mph on a flat surface that the torque converter would suddenly unlock and lock again for a very brief moment. Is it something similar to what you are describing and did you need to do anything about it?
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