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Good day:D

long time reader 1st time poster.

I own an 08 touring and I had the bloody cd jam error.:huh:

After a lot of web surfing here and there I have accumulated a lot of info that I wish to share here. In my case I had 2 cd stack in the same slot.

Sorry I dont have the nicknames to creit the original posters because I save this info in a txt file;:cool:

here we go:

Pictures at the bottom

Tools Needed:

1.Flat head screw driver 3/16 (4" long max) to pry open the dashboard face from the glove box
2. P2 Phillips screw driver
3. P2 Phillips screw driver 6-1/4" min length
4. Magnet (which you can attach to the base of the crew drivers so your screws from hard-to-reach areas such as the center screw at the base of the CD/Nav console don't fall out
5. A piece of cardboard to slide above the AC vents as a secondary precaution for any loose screws
6. P0 phillips screw driver for the CD changer top removal
7. Small goose neck pliers (like the one used for detailed work such as jewelry)
8. A paper clip (to cut into three pieces and bent so they act as anchors for the small springs inside the changer)
9. A flash light
10. A small cup or dish to hold the tiny screws from the changer
10. Lots of uninterrupted time (2 hours min)
11. Patience

1. Start by with the upper glove box open and with a slotted screwdriver, pry the center dash face outward to get the first clip out of its hole.

2. With fingers, continue to “pry” the dash face outward and not upward (toward the rear of the van). This takes firm pressure. Work your way towards the steering wheel along the top and then back along the bottom.

3. Remove the center and passenger side electrical clips from the back of the dash face and swing down and out of the way.

4. Remove the three Phillips screws that hold the NAV/Changer assembly in the dash. I suggest slipping a piece of paper between the NAV assembly and the air vents when removing the center screw so as to not lose it behind the dash.

5. Turn the ignition key ON and with foot on brake, put the trans into L. Remove the NAV/CD assembly (it slides straight out). Put the trans back into P and turn OFF the ignition.

6. Remove the four screws that hold the changer in the assembly and unplug the CD changer white and green connectors from the rear.

7. With the changer on a table, remove the eight small screws that hold the top cover on the changer. Remove / lift the two “pins” that fit into the top rear of the disk carriage (into the two posts that extend from the lower chassis. Insert thin wire into the three springs (one on right and two on left) that hold the disk carriage metal top plate down. The 3 vertical springs have closed loops at each end that hook on small metal tabs. Tape the wire to the side of the changer. This will make it easy to re-hook in place when done.

8. Remove the top plate of the CD carriage and then each
of the plastic CD “drawers” keeping them in order. This is when you will be removing your jammed CD(s).

9. With the disk carriage and CD’s removed and the top open, connect vans the green and white connectors to the changer (and I think I turned on the ignition no you didn’t). The changer will cycle though the six “disks” and when it is done, the mechanism will be in the correct position to re-insert the plastic disk carriage trays. Disconnect the two connectors and return to the table.
10. Hook the springs onto their bottom supports, stretch them slightly up and to the sides, and anchor them with the paper clip so they are accessible once the plastic trays are reinstalled.

11. Insert the plastic trays one at a time in order. [You may have to bend them slightly so the guides on the sides fall in the right place with the steel guides. The plastic trays] fit nicely in place and rest at the bottom of the changer. Insert the metal tray top. It rests about a ¼” above the top plastic tray and on four metal “tabs”. Insert the pins and hook the spring loops on the metal hooks you removed them from. At this point I reconnected to the van and loaded / played a CD [I didn’t] . Install the changer top cover and the eight screws that hold it in place.

12. Install the changer in the NAV assembly, and the assembly in the dash. Snap the dash face back in place – Done.

To start, open up the screen to have more acces later

Then, unclip the facia ( special place for screwdriver in the hand trunk)

Remove carefully those 3 silver screws ( you'll need a long bit for the middle one)

Then pull everything out gently and remove the connectors at the back

Once everything secure on the table, removethe cd changer hold by 4 screws ( keep a good pic of the stickers just in case)


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remove all those tiny black screws and open up, like this you'll see what was wrong, in case, the changer looses control and a cd get stocked into it (maybe the changer hate "billy Talent" lol.

So I removed carrefully all the moving parts and the cds. Take great care of the tiny spring holding the inside silver cover!!!

Once all those steps are done, you can pull it back together!

As my dealer told me, I save 700$cad + taxes in materials and at least 5 hours of labour!
Was nerve wrecking but easy, everything turned great and the message "Jam eject cd" never came back

None of the above was written by me, not even the pictures
I just wanted to share with you guys because it took me less than an hour!!

have fun:DD


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Thanks for posting up the "How to". I needed to remove mine and see if I can find what is causing it to constantly skip.
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