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Bought an used 2007 odyssey touring a month ago and been crying over spilled milk since.

You guys on the forum have been great and have gained a lot surfing through. So putting in my cents :smile:

Terrible mileage, same as my 4.7 V8.
Oil change done at dealer in May. I changed out the air filter after I bought for the heck of it.
Tire pressure 38psi.
Looked at the MAF as an internal indicator and its pristine, still sprayed some MAF cleaner and put it back.
Two tanks with techron injector cleaner.

Hwy or city its 15 to 16mpg on the multi readout.

Been calling dealer and been hearing "its normal".

Recently I noticed something and verified it last night with a long drive.

I count the shifts and the instant mpg readout gives 25 to even 30 on 4th cruising 45 to 50 with ECO on. I feel the shift to 5th (OD) and the ECO still on the mpg drops to 12 with no change in gas pedal or speed or gradient.:confused:

to check I flipped D3 on (cancel OD) still level road and as I would expect the engine rev'ed then I swithched of D3 mpg back to 25 before OD kicked in and then mpg down to 12.

sorry for the writeup and thanks for reading.
Has anyone else seen/diag'ed this.
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