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Hi Toyman. You guys have an overhead video unit (very reasonably priced) on your site, but no one at autotoys seems to be able to find specs on it. It's the Pyle PLVW2400 which is listed only as a 6.8 high res screen. Is that 1152x234? no one seems to know.

On this note, a few other questions, if you can answer them.

1. The Pyle unit looks almost perfect for my Mesa Beige Ody - with two exceptions. First, the panel is exposed when closed which leaves it open to damage and second, the unit opens rearward - so it must be mounted farther forward (just like the Jensen). The question is, do you know what the quality of this unit is and who makes it? I've seen it listed under several different names (Pyle, Lanzar, XO Vision) but I haven't seen it in person.

2. The unit is a gold color housing (which will go with the interior), 2 A/V inputs, IR transmitter for wireless headphones (plus a wired headphone jack which is good when your batteries run out), and a swivel mount 6.8 inch screen. I'm assuming it is steroe input/output as well (also not listed). So, what's not to like? No, really - what's not to like??

3. The real question... The only part I'm really nervous about is mounting it. In other words, can this one be mounted easily enough in the Odyssey. Do you know?

Thanks in advance - your advice is always great.

P.S. for everyone else - the price of this unit is only $445. So for about $750 you could have an entire overhead system complete with 6.8" LCD, wireless headphones, VCP and FM modulator. The things I like better than the Jensen unit are the unit's color, the wireless transmitter and the wired headphone jack. I don't need/want a TV tuner so that's not a selling point. However, does the Jensen unit have built-in speakers? That might be a plus, but you're giving up wireless headphones, which may also be a plus.

One other question for anyone. Has anyone looked at the Clarion OHM642? You give up dual A/V inputs, but it looks like a nice unit. Any comments?
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