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TPMS Battery Activation

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Recently got my new TPMS sensors (Thanks Mike!) and I'm getting ready to have Cooper CS4's installed on my new (to me) Pilot wheels. Do the batteries have to be activated (like removing a little plastic cover to thing) or do they activate once the wheels begin to turn? Never thought about it before and it seems like a silly question, but I want to make sure the tire shop doesn't mess anything up. Thanks a bunch! Will post pics once it's all done.
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For TPMS sensors for the Odyssey (Gen3), no need to do anything to the TMPS sensors.

Just have them installed per the sensor's manuals, if you need to program the codes via ATEQ TMPS quickset, follow the instructions that way as well.

The sensors comes shipped in sleep mode. It will be activated / awakened when the newly mounted sensors in the wheels start spinning at any speed greater than 50 km/h.

You'll have to drive a few KM ie. 3-5 km/h at that speed in order for the TMPS Rx to sync up with the sensors.

My sensors were from Dorman and that's how it was activated via rotational force. You only need a trigger tool if you don't want to drive the car to sync up the sensors with the TMPS receiver or for other diagnosis like checking the battery of the sensors or to check if it is working or not.
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