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I just replaced the 17x7 235-65-17 wheels on my wife’s 4th gen exl with take-off 5th gen exl 18x7.5 235-60-18. I think they look sportier yet still look stock, which is the look I wanted. The van also handles noticeably better; it does not seem to wallow as much around corners, and the steering is more responsive. There is still plenty of sidewall, so the ride is not at all harsh.

When I first put them on, the tpms light did not come on. I was hoping that because the new wheels and tpms were from an odyssey and the overall height and width of the new tire was almost identical (2 mm taller) they would work. After I drove it for a bit, the tpms light came on.

Is there any point in swapping the tpms from my old wheels into the new wheels or are the tpms units in the tires pretty much the same? Will the tpms in the new wheel likely work if I have them synced or reprogrammed (don't know the appropriate term) by the dealer or a tire shop? I understand syncing or reprogramming odyssey tpms is not a diy like it is in some other vehicles.

Any help with the tpms question is appreciated. Once I can confirm that I don't need my old tpms, I plan to sell my stock rims which are: 17x7 (50 offset) 5x120 (lug pattern) with 235-65-17 (tires) center caps and tpms (see pic).


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