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TPMS reset itself! wooHOO!

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Man I hate the fact all vehicles have to have this system now. It will be nothing but problems and added expense once the vehicle ages. I'll keep an eye on my tires myself thank you very much. (I understand the legality aspects as to why manufacturers have to use it unfortunately)

I know with both my 2008 Ody LX and my 2008 Hyundai Santa Fe , I'll occasionally get the low tire pressure icon during REAL cold weather (the little tire cross-section icon that looks like a "U"), but luckily I've never gotten the 'general system failure' TPMS light in the Ody until recently.

Based on what I read I figured this would require a $$$ dealer reset, but it went out by itself the AM! Lovin' it.

It took about a week, so for other owners, don't despair! It just *might* go away by itself!

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There are 2 separate issues:

1. Actual low pressure: COLD weather decreases tire pressure so the warning may be real.
Always check with an independent tire pressure gauge.

2. Swapping winter vs summer tires: If the TPMS ECU sees "strange IDs from the 4 wheel sensors", it registers a different message, basically it reads it as "system malfunction" because it cannot read any "known" IDs from the wheels.
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