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Not sure if all Honda's have this issue but if you have a 2008 Odyssey, be aware that replacement TRW sensors are shipped in a sleep mode that needs to be changed in order for the sensors to work.

My story:

Picked up the following from the Tire Rack for 2008 Odyssey EX-L:
-235/65R16 103R Blizzak WS-60's
-16X7 5-120 steel rims
-TRW 315 MHz 42753-SJH-A82 TPMS sensors
-ATEQ TPM Quickset reset tool


Didn't have the tires installed on the van as I was driving across the country and the weather was good. This was probably my biggest mistake as tire rack should have learned the sensors for me.

1. Got home and realized I wasn't given the senor codes. Tire Rack paid for me to have them scanned a local tire shop ($50). Tire store gave me a printout from the Bartec Wheelrite Tech 400 tool. Tool showed senors appeared to be working fine.

2. Loaded codes for the sensors for my winter wheels (now on the van) into the computer using the ATEQ tool. TPMS light wouldn't turn off after driving no matter what I did.

3. Had some other problems with the ATEQ quickset, called helpline and got updated software, but didn't work.

4. Acquired Honda HDS system and software (Ebay, etc), purchased ATEQ VT10 from Tire Rack (~$120) and manually learned the codes into the Odyssey using the VT10. Process worked but TPMS light would not go off after driving.

5. Winter ended. Put the summer tires back on and learned the summer codes back into the computer with HDS. TPMS light went off after driving.

6. Winter again. Tried again but nothing worked.

8. Contacted TireRack TPMS guy again. He thought should try deflating and inflating tires as he thought sensors had not been awaken properly. This didn't work. TireRack was going to pay for Honda to fix the problem for me.

9. Contacted Bartec about the printed readout I had from their tool. I had the following: Wheel, TPM Type, Reads, ID HEX, ID Dec, Mode, Battery State, Pressure, Temperature, OEM part#. I suspected Tire Rack had installed the wrong sensors because they didn't seem to be being received by Honda tpms computer while driving. Guy asked me what Mode was displayed. Mode was "AD Store" on the printout. He said confidently that Honda TPMS (made by TRW) need to display "AE Store" and that the Bartec tool could fix this--senors were still asleep but can't be awaken by inflating tire. Bartec UK website notes that TRW sensors are shipped in sleep mode and will not wake into proper mode by inflating the tires (as other sensors do).

8. Brought van back to tire store. Guy didn't know what I was talking about, but he used one other tool (that didn't seem to work) and then Bartec tool (Wheelrite 400) to read the sensors and this time they displayed AE store. I think Bartec tool (likely had upgraded software since I was their 10 months before) automatically sent the special signal to change the mode. I told him they should work now. Drove away and the light went OFF.
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