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Hey all, very excited to find this forum, it's a wonderful resource for informed Odyssey owners!

I am looking at a 2007 Odyssey with 89K on it, dealer has lowered the price from 22,898 to 18,898 to clear it out. They are only willing to offer me 1500 trade in for our 99 Odyssey that is admittedly, in pretty rough shape; 195K, needs new tires, has suspension and sliding door issues, and lots of body scratches and dents. I'm pretty comfortable with the price, other dealers are asking 20K+ for the same vehicle with higher km's. (sorry, I'm a Canuck! Don't know miles!) however my husband feels they should have budged on price.

Any who, I'm not sure what the answer should be on extended warranty, they want 2500$ for 7yr/160,000k. Husband is sure his answer is no but I hate unexpected car repair bills, plus we are a single income family so they really mess us up. Is the extended warranty worth it?

Also, they tell me if there was any warranty work that needed doing, that it would come up when they enter the VIN in the computer, does that mean TSB's would come up as well? I am taking it for an independant inspection as well, just want to cover my bases and make sure I'm not already buying problems.

Thanks for the help!!
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