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Trading my 02 odyssey

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Well it's official, I'm trading my 02 odyssey for a 2012 civic ex-l. I have one on order and it should get here the end of Oct or beginning of Nov. I have a Toyota Tacoma double cab so I don't need two large vehicles. I need the truck so the logical thing to do is trade the odyssey. I want to get really good gas mileage, that's why the civic. Although, I'm not impressed with the 2012 civic, I do know it will be a reliable car and if I don't like it, i'll buy something else next year and give this one to my daughter since we promissed her a car once she graduates. The other car we were looking at was the hyundai elantra ( much nicer car with more stuff for the same price), but i'm not sure about resale value in the futur.
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If you are "not impressed" with the civic I wouldn't get it. I am also hearing bad stuff about it. The Hyundai, Mazdas and Kias have raised the bar and Honda hasn't kept up unfortunately. But good luck.
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