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Trans. cooler / Power Steering cooler

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Awaiting delivery of our 2002 Odyssey. Want to put a hitch on. A few questions please.
1. Is the hitch clas II,III or can you choose?
2.I'm told some 2002 come with the power steering and trans cooler from the factory, anyone seen this?
3.How is the wiring set up as far as the plug?

Thank you, Tom
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The weight distributing part of the hitch is not the normal little tongue and ball that you get with a hitch. It slides into the reciever that bolts onto the ODY. It is usually bought from a trailer dealer etc and not from a auto dealer. It uses the same frame mount but the insert is a lot heavier and complex with torsion bars etc. The trailer mating portions of the torsion bar are bolted to the trailer and is usually not something an auto dealer sets up. Ground clearance could also be an issue with this type of hitch. Try before you buy.
( IOW-the part that is mounted on the chassis is the hitch "reciever). The part that slips into the square is the hitch. The weight capacity stated on the reciever is the rating for the reciever, not the insert. The towing capacity is the maximum the vehicle can pull down the road, but is not an indication of stopping ability. A 4400 lb. Ody pulling a 3500 lb trailer without trailer brakes would not be a pleasant experience in an emergency situation (or most others for that matter. I don't think the brakes are designed with that much extra capacity. Not only may you not be able to stop, the trailer can jacknife the unit.


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