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Trans. cooler / Power Steering cooler

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Awaiting delivery of our 2002 Odyssey. Want to put a hitch on. A few questions please.
1. Is the hitch clas II,III or can you choose?
2.I'm told some 2002 come with the power steering and trans cooler from the factory, anyone seen this?
3.How is the wiring set up as far as the plug?

Thank you, Tom
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FWIW: I was told that I would have to bring my adaptor in to have their techs complete the hitch installation. Their explanation was that they didn't know which trailer I was trying to mate up to, so it was my decision.

I had one dealer try to sell me an aftermarket trailer package that did NOT include the coolers. Needless to say, I insisted on the Honda package at the dealer I placed my order from. It was, of course, at a premium over the other package.

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