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First off, this is not a recommendation, just want to share my experience...

On my 2001 Ody the first tranny was replaced under the extended warranty at 68k miles, now at 131k the second failed. Since money is extremely tight, I couldn't afford a Jasper at $3800 installed and I didn't want to chance a Gator since I would have to find a local cert mechanic.

After hours of depressing searching I came across this post:

I checked eBay and he seems to sell quite a few Ody transmissions. I went into Brooklyn to take a look, I went in and "acted" like an uninformed customer but had all the knowledge from these forums on the transmission problems, after speaking with Rami, he knew allot about the ody failures and was quite knowledgeable.

He changed the tranny with one of his rebuilt ones for $1700 including a magnefine and larger ext cooler (I already had one, his was bigger :D), I also had him do the timing belt/water pump/tensioner for an addl $600. He also had to add a tyranny mount for $30. (My ps pump is now making noise, it seems common after a timing belt service)

He also said the final nail in the coffin for my tranny was that the inline filter that Honda installed was 100% blocked. When I first experienced the slipping I did a 1x drain and fill to see if it got any better, I don't know it that churned up some gunk and completely clogged it or it was already clogged.

Great site, everyone has save me a lot of $$$ in various repairs.
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