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I have a 2004 exl, now it has around 101k on it.
The transmission shifts smoothly and has been seviced with drain and fills every 20k.
However, recently in cold weather there is a delay of appox. 2 seconds for the transmission to engage from p to drive or even a minimal delay form p to r. but the delay is more significant going into d from either p or r.
I have searched this a seem to find that this is not uncommon.
Others have stated theirs has done it for many many miles and no other issues....any opinions?
The service manager told me that it isnt a problem unless the tranny throws a code and the check engine light comes on.

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Late shift after shifting from N to D and D3, or excessive shock when shifted into D or D3:

Shift solenoid valve C defective
A/T clutch pressure control solenoid valves A and B defective
A/T clutch pressure control solenoid valve C defective
Shift cable broken or out of adjustment
Joint in shift cable and transmission or body worn
Input shaft (mainshaft) speed sensor defective
Output shaft (countershaft) speed sensor defective
ATF temperature sensor defective
CPC valve C stuck
Foreign material in separator plate orifice
Shift valve C defective
Shift valve E defective
Servo control valve defective
1st accumulator defective
1st check ball stuck
1st clutch defective

If the problem really bothers you can go through this list but otherwise, the transmission is just showing its age. Cleaning the solenoid screens may improve things for you.

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Nope. Mine has done this since day 1.

I'm careful though to not do any Steve McQueen takeoffs, always waiting until I feel the tug of engagement before applying the gas. I don't know what or if anything would happen if I were to jump the gun, but I don't want to find out either. :)

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