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Transmission & Steering Cooler for 2002?

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I copied the below text from Honda's Accura MDX site. Will the 2002 Odyssey have both a transmission AND a steering fluid cooler as part of the towing package? A new "factory engineered" trailer hitch (no buying direct form Draw-Tite)? Will any of the '01 parts fit the '02 model? Any comments?

In support of safe towing, MDX's tow hitch and other hardware needed for the job is factory engineered for dealer installation. A standard automatic transmission cooler built into the radiator is adequate for towing up to 2000 pounds. For heavier loads, the addition of a second external transmission cooler and a separate power-steering fluid cooler is required. The dealer-installed trailer hitch is a Class III receiver-type design that bolts on with no drilling, cutting, or bumper-cover modifications. A harness to provide electrical power to trailer lights plugs into a connector provided at the rear of the vehicle.

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Speaking of tranny coolers:

Has anyone installed a generic cooler on their Ody? If so, I'd like to see pictures, especially if it's NOT mounted through the radiator and/or condenser.

Instead of the typical square-ish coolers, I was thinking about using one of those designed to mount along a frame rail but mounting it on brackets similar to the Honda accessory. See number 4109 ( to see what I'm thinking about using.

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