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  • Honda 10AT (10 speed) - Fluid drain-n-fill or software update

  • Honda 10AT (10 speed) - Solenoid replaced**

  • Honda 10AT (10 speed) - Computer replaced

  • Honda 10AT (10 speed) - Torque converter replaced**

  • Honda 10AT (10 speed) - Loss of power on econ

  • Honda 10AT (10 speed) - Loss of power on econ off

  • Honda 10AT (10 speed) - Rough Shifting

  • Honda 10AT (10 speed) - Transmission replaced

  • Honda 10AT (10 speed) - No Issues

  • ZF 9HP (9 speed) - Fluid drain-n-fill or software update

  • ZF 9HP (9 speed) - Solenoid replaced**

  • ZF 9HP (9 speed) - Computer replaced

  • ZF 9HP (9 speed) - Torque converter replaced**

  • ZF 9HP (9 speed) - Loss of power on econ

  • ZF 9HP (9 speed) - Loss of power on econ off

  • ZF 9HP (9 speed) - Dog clutch noise (4-5, 7-8 gears) or Other noise

  • ZF 9HP (9 speed) - Rough Shifting

  • ZF 9HP (9 speed) - Transmission replaced

  • ZF 9HP (9 speed) - No Issues - Normal dog clutch click (4-5, 7-8 gears)

  • ZF 9HP (9 speed) - No Issues

  • ZF 9HP (9 speed) - Service Bulletin 19-124 fixed everything

  • ZF 9HP (9 speed) - Service Bulletin 19-124 did not fix anything

Transmission Survey + 9/10 speed detailed info (One thread to rule them all)

42588 154
[9 speed failures: 2]
[10 Speed failures: 9]

Not trying to beat this into the ground...just trying to be informative to the community and those that might be experiencing issues. Feel like this should've been created back in 2017/18. On top of that there are so many threads on specifically the 9 speed it can be confusing.

Things to note: 9 Speed is designed by ZF Friedrichshafen Germany, made in South Carolina USA. The 10 speed is designed by Honda in Japan, made in Georgia USA.

Goal of both AT is to save fuel. On average they are fairly the same in MPG. However, they behave differently due to the design. Traditionally AT uses friction clutches resulting in some slip which means transitioning form one gear to another is smooth. 10 Speed is designed as such. 9 Speed on the other hand uses dog clutches between 4-5 and 7-8th gear shifts where no slip can take place, these gears have to in perfect sync for them to mesh together. This results in delayed shifting, a click noise.

ZF 9HP (9 speed)
This AT is notorious and has a pretty bad track record from when it was originally introduced in early Chrysler models. Lots of TLX (2015) Pilot (2016-17) Including MDX had serious issues. Many got their AT replaced. Acura even extended warranties to 10 years on the newly installed AT. ZF blamed most of these issues to how the transmission was programed causing drama. lot of failures with 9HP in the early Pilots and MDX are due to coolant and ATF mixing. This has been addressed at h/w level and with extended warranties. 2019+ has other internal h/w improvements.

This is AT is used still in MDX, Pilot, Passport, Ridgeline in the honda/acura family as of now. Again lots of complaints from the 2016-2017.

On the recent models... overall 99%+ complaints are about shift quality, particularly from 4-5 & 7-8 up/downshifts. This is due to the dog clutch mentioned above. It’s different and takes a little getting used to. ZF for some reason made this into a learning AT. This transmission "learns" how you drive. So Imagine if you have 2+ drivers in the house. ZF even blamed this unpredictable behavior on the customers Link.

ZF 9HP specs are great on paper. Technically it's a bit over built for the Honda J series v6.
Total weight: (wet) 90 Kg / 198.42 lbs
Max torque rating: 500 Nm / 368.7811 ft lbs
(Odyssey: 262 ft lbs)

Even with the great specs Odysseys with the ZF can only tow 3000 lbs.
This may have to do with cooling the unit, Honda never bothered to make this official.
ATF Cooler Kit (9-Speed AWD)
Instructions for pilot:

It should work on the Ody but the mount points and path for running lines will not exist on the van as is on the pilot or other Honda/Acura's

The fluid replacement process on the ZF is a chore and unnecessarily convoluted. Expect to pay $350 or more at the dealer. Fluid prices have gone down form $50 to ~$25
for Honda ATF-TYPE 3.1. FYI, it does have a fill bolt on the top and is quite accessible.

To put this thing on neutral without battery you need a key tool (07AAA-TZ3A100) $200. This is also very accessible from the top. (Honda used to just have simple a shift lock back in the day)

Chrysler Pacifica so far is the only vehicle that have tamed this transmission working directly with ZF. Unfortunately Honda is not there yet. Small effort was made with a Service Bulletin19-124.


Honda 10AT (10 speed)
This is the future. Most folks report this AT is very smooth and trouble free but there are issues and several failures reported here. This is expected with a brand new product. The 10AT fairly new still so it may or may not have issues. What’s for certain is that even this 10AT will continue to be refined as it gets more application over time. (Personal history, I've never had any issues with most Honda transmissions from the early 90's to now. My parents 03 Ody had 1 transmision replaced at 160k miles. See my list of vehicles)

With the 10AT the Ody can tow full 3500 lbs. No cooler needed. It would be interesting to see if coolers appear on the market when MDX + Pilot switch over this this AT.

Total weight: 220lbs
Max torque rating: 280ft-lbs-354ft-lbs (range form other acuras)
(Odyssey: 262 ft lbs)

The fluid replacement process is much cheaper/simpler on this AT. Honda ATF-TYPE 2.
The Fill bolt is in the front and faces the radiator and uses a typical 17mm, 6-point head. It is accessible from the engine bay, preferably from the bottom. The drain is the typical 3/8" style. Here is a DIY from smufguy >> DIY - 10spd ATF change

To put this thing on neutral without battery you need to remove the front cover, intake tube, battery and then you need to use an open-end wrench. (Honda used to just have simple a shift lock back in the day)


No one knows the longevity of the 5th Gen Odyssey. Everything is new and we don’t have any long term usage/mileage to report back. As mentioned 9 speed's primary complaint is shift quality, specifically dog clutches. Not many all out failures reported here. The 10 speed is preferred, shifts much smoother but has several failures reported here. The numbers are too low to mean anything atm. YMMV.

Admins, would love to have this pinned. If this is useless please get rid of it.


Honda 10AT (10 speed) fails: 9 reported
(2 failures ^here^)

Honda 10AT (10 speed) issues


ZF 9HP (9 speed) fails: 2 reported

ZF 9HP (9 speed) issues
I'm sure there are more...


**These are sealed units. AT gets replaced as an entire unit, Dealers do not take these apart. (Please correct me if I am wrong)
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I'm always a little skeptical when a newly created forum memeber immediately starts making claims of a premature (and expensive) failure.

There was someone else on this forum who would occasionally claim that his transmission failed at 75k miles. I have repeatedly asked for details by responding to his posts and sending a PM. He hasn't responded to either.

It is entirely possible that the previous poster's transmission failed, or he could be a forum bot who shows up for a few posts and disappears.
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